AR Barrels

X-Caliber Barrel & Mfg. offers the widest variety of contours and calibers in the industry. Our quality is equal to, or surpasses any of the big name barrel makers. All of our barrels are hand lapped and QC inspected before they are shipped to ensure the highest quality and greatest accuracy. 

Note - Our 1 MOA Accuracy Guarantee is ONLY valid with JP Ent, Young Mfg, and RCA bolts head spaced to your barrel at our factory. You can buy one from us, or you can send us yours and we will head space it here for a $10 fee.



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Configure Your Custom AR-15 Barrel

Build a custom AR-15 barrel

Configure Your Custom LR308/DPMS Barrel

Configure your LR308/DPMS barrel

AR 9mm Barrel

1:10 Twist, 6 Groove, 5/8 X 24 Muzzle Thread

45 ACP Barrel

1:16 Twist, 11/16 - 24 Muzzle Thread