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Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday

6:00am through 3:30pm MST 

 Due to overwhelming call volume, we will not be performing order status checks on any orders still within their estimated lead-times.  We will perform status checks on those at the end of or after the estimated lead-times.  Email requests are faster as we're able to address them sooner than the phones.

Also due to overwhelming call volume, voice messages left with our Customer Support number may take quite some time to get a response.  Our phone system sometimes overwrites voice messages left by customers so please either try again or send a message to [email protected] (as this email address can be checked and responded to anywhere by anyone here), you're far more likely to get a prompt response with an email inquiry than via phones for the time being.

Before placing an order, please double-check to ensure all details are correct beforehand!  Delays involving order change requests continue to increase.

Due to sustained raw material shortages, labor challenges and supply chain issues, inflationary prices are affecting every aspect of our business costs.  Throughout 2020 and 2021, we've struggled against these cost increases and absorbed as much as we could on our end.  Due to these continued pricing increases, effective March 1st, 2022, X-Caliber Barrel & MFG has been forced to raise our Shipping,  Handling, Packaging materials and Insurance prices (shipping charge) by roughly 5% per barrel to $35/barrel for most barrels.


Estimated Lead Times:

(ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE--Last Change 9/20/2022)

 Unturned Blanks 2-4 Weeks*

 Contoured Blanks 3-5 Weeks*

Prefits 6-8 Weeks*

ARs 8-10 Weeks*

Carbon Fiber adds 1-2 weeks to base barrel/blank type lead time

Cryogenics adds ~2 weeks to base barrel/blank type lead time

Cerakote adds ~1 week to base barrel/blank type lead time

Muzzle Devices 2-4 Weeks*

Expedite Option reduces estimated lead time by approx. 50%-25%, not including 3rd party service lead times such as Cryogenics or Cerakote

  *Wait times are just an estimate, as tools can break or go out-of-spec requiring replacement, extending our lead time by 6 to 8 weeks or more


Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page for more information.

Featured products

Carbon Fiber Contoured Blanks

X-Caliber Carbon Fiber Contoured Blanks.

Configure Your Carbon Fiber AR-15 Barrel

Build a custom Carbon Fiber AR-15 barrel

Configure Your Custom AR-15 Barrel

Build a custom AR-15 barrel

Configure Your Custom AR22 Barrel

Build a custom AR22 conversion barrel. For use with AR15 to .22LR conversion kits only (.22LR to 223Rem Chamber Insert type). These barrels come with .217/.222 or .218/.222 bore and groove rifling but with a .223Rem chamber to accept various conversion kits out there but without sacrificing accuracy/velocity from using improper bore/groove diameter. No gas ports are drilled on these barrels. -----MUST BE USED WITH AN AR-15 to 22LR CONVERSION KIT AND FIRED ONLY WITH .22LR AMMO-----PLEASE READ BELOW IN OVERVIEW FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION.

Custom AR15 Barrel for Superlative Arms Piston Kit

Build a custom AR-15 barrel specifically for use with a Superlative Arms Piston Kit. This barrel will come with properly sized and spaced gas block journal dimples along the bottom for use with Superlative Arms' Piston Retrofit Kits. The gas port will be sized appropriately as well.


1.250" 416R Stainless and 4140 Chrome Moly

Configure Your Carbon Fiber LR308/DPMS Barrel

Configure your Carbon Fiber LR308/DPMS barrel

Configure Your Custom LR308/DPMS Barrel

Configure your LR308/DPMS barrel
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