Thermal Fluting

Thermal Fluting Info Page


Benefits: Our Thermal Fluting is a unique and highly effective way to significantly reduce weight, maximize heat dissipation via air-cooling all while retaining the inherent harmonic rigidity of the chosen contour.


By cutting several deep, tightly-arranged, narrow flutes from the length of the shank right up to the gas block shoulder, the process of Thermal Fluting removes a significant amount of mass from the barrel while over-doubling the surface area along the affected region of the contour.  Similar to how a radiator functions, this vastly increased surface area will greatly increase the efficiency of air-cooling.

Currently our Thermal Fluting is only available on AR15 or LR308/SR25/DPMS type AR10 barrels in the HBAR, Heavy and Bull contours, but is available in any gas-system length we offer.

When comparing the same gas system length, barrel length, and caliber, a Thermal Fluted HBAR-contoured barrel weighs less than a non-thermal fluted SPR contour (typically quite a bit less when comparing the two contours without fluting).

Combine Thermal Fluting with deep Cryogenic Treatment for the ultimate combination in heat dissipation, minimized heat buildup and faster air-cooling--The best way to greatly extend your barrel's life!