Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic Treatment Info Page


Benefits: Improved accuracy, faster/easier cleaning, less fouling, rapid heat dissipation, more rigid barrel harmonics, increased muzzle velocity, vastly reduced cold-bore shift and longer barrel life!

Any barrel, contoured blank or barrel blank we sell has the additional option of reaching its peak metallurgic potential via a deep cryogenic treatment process.  This goes beyond what stress relief does for the steel.  And while stress relief is critical in setting a consistent foundation for an accurate barrel, deep cryogenic treatment brings a barrel to its maximum potential.

This deep cryogenic treatment utilizes ultra low temperature processing to enhance our barrels to their peak metallurgical and structural properties.  This is done via an outsourced laboratory which, through precision computer-controlled instrumentation and a state-of-the-art insulated cryogenic treatment chamber, gradually brings the core temperature of the steel to around -320°F (-160°C) using liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen is the most abundant gas on Earth, making up over 70% of our atmosphere, and when isolated and compressed it becomes extremely cold and liquefied.  This process is completely environmentally friendly and helps in reducing waste.

The firm we outsource this treatment to uses a patented, controlled deep cryogenic process, which takes between 36 and 74 hours, depending on the size of the batch being treated.  Precise computer controls and stringent processing profiles maintain optimum results, with no dimensional changes or risk of thermal shock.

This deep cryogenic process is NOT a surface treatment.  It treats the entire mass of the barrel, through and through.  The hardness of the barrel-steel is unaffected, while its strength, stiffness, uniformity and heat dissipation is greatly increased.

This process produces a more cohesive molecular structure within the steel alloy that allows heat to be dissipated more quickly and uniformly.  This tighter matrix also increases strength, wear life and reduces fouling.

For contoured blanks or uncontoured blanks, in addition to the aforementioned benefits, having them cryogenically treated will make machining them far more consistent, and whoever is finishing out that blank will thank you.

Combine with Thermal Fluting for the ultimate combination in heat dissipation, minimized heat buildup and faster air-cooling--The best way to greatly extend your barrel's life!