Carbon Fiber Blanks & Barrels

Carbon Fiber Contoured Blanks

Two contours to choose from (Lightweight and Heavy).  Just like our unturned blanks, these are hand-lapped and inspected with a bore scope for imperfections and come with the barrel specifications stamped on the breech end.  


Carbon Fiber Pre-Fits

X-Caliber is Proud to offer Replacement Barrels for your precision bolt-action rifle. We offer chamberings up to those in .375 caliber. Take the next step in Accuracy with X-Caliber Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels!



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Configure Your Carbon Fiber AR-15 Barrel

Build a custom Carbon Fiber AR-15 barrel

Carbon Fiber Contoured Blanks

X-Caliber Carbon Fiber Contoured Blanks.

Savage Carbon Fiber Prefit

Savage Prefit Barrels Now available in carbon fiber!

Configure Your Carbon Fiber LR308/DPMS Barrel

Configure your Carbon Fiber LR308/DPMS barrel

Rem/Ages Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrel

Our popular Rem/Age Prefit Barrels, now available in carbon fiber! Muzzle Brake Not Included.

Ruger American Carbon Fiber Prefit

Who needs a gunsmith to change your Ruger American Prefit Barrel?... YOU DON'T!!! Now available in carbon fiber!

Ruger Precision Rifle Carbon Fiber Prefit

Carbon Fiber Replacement Barrel for your Ruger Precision Rifle. Fits standard RPR action sizes only (not rimfire or long magnum sizes).

Carbon Fiber AR 9mm Barrel

Carbon Fiber, 1:10 Twist, 6 Groove, 1/2"x28 or 5/8"x24 Muzzle Thread

Tikka T3 Carbon Fiber Prefit

Premium Carbon Fiber replacement barrel for Tikka T3 formfactor actions and bolts. Requires a 1"x16 barrel nut.

Carbon Fiber 10mm Auto Barrel

Carbon Fiber, 1:16 Twist, 5/8"x24 or 11/16"x24 Muzzle Thread

Carbon Fiber 45 ACP Barrel

Carbon Fiber, 1:16 Twist, 5/8"x24 or 11/16"x24 Muzzle Thread

Big Horn/Zermatt Origin Carbon Fiber Prefit

Affordable Carbon Fiber precision barrel for your Bighorn/Zermatt Origin action. Has the proper protrusion for Origin Actions.